The aim of this micro-site is to provide Mathematics Teachers with extra assistance in the implementation of ICT to enhance the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in the Project Maths Classroom.

"At post-primary level, the role of ICT in curriculum and assessment is a key focus of the ongoing review and implementation of junior and senior cycle education. In revising subjects at both junior and senior cycle, syllabuses and associated guidance continue to be ‘ICT proofed’ establishing the role of ICT as a teaching and learning tool (e.g. dynamic geometry packages in Mathematics)"

                                                                                                                   Quote from NCCA Website

In the past, Information Technology (IT) was seen as a discrete subject in the Secondary School. Some Mathematics teachers may have used software packages such as logo, spreadsheets or geometry software. However, nowdays there is now a quite explicit difference in how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) should be used in secondary schools, ICT should be used as a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. The emphasis now is not just to use ICT for its own sake, but to make decisions about when and how to use ICT based upon a clear understanding of its effectiveness in our teaching and its role to help students with understanding. Click here to view a list of course venues and dates.